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February Update

Update - February 2017

Demographics and Enrolment  Ad Hoc Committee

The committee looked at what strategy to use to get wider access to English education. After living through Major School Change, being silent is not an option, we need to do something. Article 26(3) of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states:  Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. However, it is unlikely that any Quebec Government is going to allow parents free choice to select which linguistic school their children could go to. We decided to lobby the government to allow children 12 years and older who are coming to Quebec, who have done most of their education in English to attend English schools. Subsequently a resolution was passed at the Parent Committee meeting to ask our English Parent Committee Association (EPCA) delegates to get EPCA to lobby the government on the above. We are also in the process of submitting a resolution to the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA) to do the same.


Internal and External Consultations Ad Hoc Committee

The committee is in the process of compiling a response to the 2017-2018 budget Consultation, The deadline for the consultation is March 31.


Riverview: One Year Later

"I cannot begin to express how proud I am of my community for all their hard work." Read more from Commissoner Mary Ann Davis.


Taking Pride in Lakeside

"As the proud Commissioner for Dorval and Lachine (Ward 3), I have seen the many successes of Lakeside Academy, Maple Grove Elementary, Dorval Elementary, Pearson Eletrotechnology Center and all the other amazing Lester B. Pearson School Board`s schools." Read more from Commissoner Josh Arless

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