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Lester B Pearson School Board Parent Committee Meeting Summary


LBPSB Parents Committee
December 1st, 2016
7:00 p.m., Boardroom
1925 Brookdale Ave, Dorval

ATTENDEES:  32 of 48 member schools were represented, a Commissioner, members of the public, administration, and the media. See the attendence sheet here.


  • Website: has launched but is still being developed for mobile.
  • History Curriculum: Letter of support to EPCA was penned and passed
  • Calendars: Committee and Subcommittee calendars have been decided and will be maintained on the PC website, Basecamp, and the LBPSB website
  • PC Internal Rules: Updated and passed 
  • Ad Hoc Subcommittees: Subcommittees focusing on Committee priorities finalized and Chairs⁄ members decided and dates of first meetings discussed
  • Expense Guidelines: Maximum $10 per hour up to 4 hours for babysitting ⁄meeting on the honour system (not claiming as an expense babysitting you would not normally pay for e.g. family members); taxis⁄ Uber used to attend PC meetings (committee and subcommittees) are acceptable expenses; GB-related expenses to be assumed and determined by the GB from their budgets.


  • Invitations: Formal invitations made to administration and Council members.
  • History Curriculum Presentation: Given by Tom Rhymes [Director of Educational Services]; major shift in 2016 from chronological/thematic to chronological/chronological with thematic interwoven in both sec. III and sec. IV curricula ; overall very positive response from pilot project teachers but students were not surveyed
  • Ethics: Steve Balleine [Assistant Director General - Administration] spoke on the ethics inquiry and the UPAC investigation into our [LBPSB] international program (mistakes were made and we are happy to work with the auditor assigned in order to move on to dispense the dark cloud, UPAC was contacted by the Board); Frank Clarke [Parent Commissioner] spoke on behalf of the Commissioners, saying they were limited in what they could share by the confidentiality agreements Commissioners were required to sign, and also that the ethics policy was meant to be rehabilitative on the first offense, not punitive (there will be further sanctions if the behavior continues); Nan Beaton offered that the Council members have consequently decided to review and revise the ethics policy; parents offered various views (let’s move on and focus on what is within our purview, Ms. Stein Day needs to resign or be removed) but the prevailing opinion was that we need to move on; a draft letter to Council was discussed, revised, and passed. Read a copy here.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  February 2nd, 2017



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