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The parents of the 2016 LBPSB Parents' Committee identified the following as priorities under the heading




At the Decemeber 1, 2016 Parent Committee Meeting, a sub committee was formed to examine these issues and to support the Central Parents' Committee Communications Chair and the communications officers of the Parent Committee's sub committees. 


  • Explore ways to encourage and promote parental involvement/ positive parent experiences which will result in word-of-mouth/ free publicity

  • Explore how to include the everyday parent in the PC, not just those elected via GB Update AGA kit so it is complete and easy to understand

  • Create FAQ/ parent resource guide to help parents navigate the system

  • Ensure GB training is online and accessible to all

  • Find ways to ensure not only the Board but the schools themselves keep their sites updated with ALL relevant information and events (i.e. Parent Rep contact info, board wide meeting dates, QFHSA Fall Conference, Concordia workshop, etc.)

  • Explore ways to promote the LBPSB via social media


For further information or questions, please contact Allison Saunders.


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