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Programs, Services, Curriculum, and Student Success

The parents of the 2016 LBPSB Parents' Committee identified the following as priorities


Programs, Services, Curriculum, and Student Success

*NEW* - Press Release: The Committee for the Enhancement of the History Curriculum in Quebec (ComECH-Quebec)

Pour un programme d'histoire inclusif / For an inclusive history curriculum

Reforming the Reform: A Call for a New Inclusive History Curriculum

At the Decemeber 1, 2016 Parent Committee Meeting, a sub committee will be formed to examine these issues. More details will be provided here as they become available.


  • Examine our popular programs and their (potential) implementation across the Board

  • Review school fees across the Board

  • Find ways to ensure funding for tutoring and a support network for parents of children with academic and/ or behavioural difficulties

  • Find ways to promote the physical and mental health and wellness of our children

  • Explore possible changes to the curriculum: Greater emphasis on study and organizational skills in grade 7, More French for the well-roundedness of our children and also to draw more students, Introduce coding as early as elementary school with the possibility of accreditation, More attention to probability and statistics literacy, Promote volunteering and entrepreneurialism (i.e. required community service hours, business project), More attention to multi-disciplinary creativity and problem-solving

  • Explore possible improvement plans to ensure student success

  • Examine impact of budget cuts on librarians and explore possible ways to get extra support



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