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LBPSB Policies & Practices

The parents of the 2016 LBPSB Parents' Committee identified the following as priorities under the heading


LBPSB Policies & Practices


At the Decemeber 1, 2016 Parent Committee Meeting, a sub committee will be formed to examine these issues. More details will be provided here as they become available.


  • Review MSC and school closure processes

  • Proposal for free Wi-Fi to parent volunteers across the Board, in order to reduce waste, save time, and standardize the (online) distribution of required documents. This has been accomplished via the LBPSB email accounts for Parent Reps/Alts. We should push for this for the GB members.

  • Find ways to ensure initiatives are enforced or at least addressed across the Board (i.e. optional SNAC rep on each GB)

  • Examine GB practices to encourage parent participation (i.e. child care during meetings, making it more appealing by enhancing their feelings of accomplishment)

  • Examine advantages and disadvantages of our contract with Chartwells and explore possible alternatives

  • Review agreement between LBPSB and CSMB

  • Attempt to make GB training a requirement

  • Examine the possibility of allowing direct lines of communication between the parent reps and the parents they speak for (i.e. independent mailing lists, ability to poll parent communities, etc.)

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